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I began my Karate journy in January 1970 at New Mexico State University. First with Professor Ty Hayashi, Sensei. The Style was Bujutuskan, based on Shotokan. After 6 months moved to Chaing Mai Thailand and began training in Taekwondo and Judo. The instructor was Hardy Stockman at the Chaing Mai Teachers college. Upon returning to NMSU the following year began practicing both Bujutuskan and Taekwondo under David Petigrew,Sabonim and in 1973 Recieved my Shodan from Kim Soo's Chayon-Ryu.

After Grad school in 1975, I moved to California nd began Studying Wadoryu Karate under Hidataka Abe, Sensei at UCBerkley California. In 1979 I moved to El Paso Texas teaching Wadoryu under Abe Sensei's guidenance at University of Texas at El Paso. In 1984 i was awarded 3dan after attending The Wado Ryu world championships in Tokyo Japan.

In 1997 I moved to Houston as part of a corporate location. And aftter a couple of years i began studing SHotokan under a Instructor at The University of Houston. Later i began studing with Dennis Livotto Sensei in The Woodlands Texas. During the past Few years i have awarded a Niedan then Sandan.

James Coulter

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